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Constance Anderson
Constance Anderson is the illustrator and writer of Smelling Sunshine, a story about one world doing an ordinary chore of hanging laundry, (Star Bright Books, 2013). Her newest picture book, A Stick Until..., follows a stick on its transformational journey as a tool (Star Bright Books, 2017). Her writing reflects her interest in connecting people to one another, and to the environment.

Constance often combines paint and collage in her narrative images, a process reminiscent of hours spent as a child making paper dolls and the stories that went with them. Her illustrations have appeared throughout the San Diego Zoo, in science journals, cookbooks, and children’s magazines, and at California galleries and the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. She lives in the San Francisco Bay area where she volunteers at the environmental educational organization, Audubon Canyon Ranch.
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